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Heat meters, heat calculators, pre-gas flow meters, etc. Prompribor

More than 10 years NEW TECHNOLOGIES GROUP has been supplying heat meters, heat meters, ultrasonic flow meters, flow converters, data collection and processing systems, metering units. Our extensive expertise and using components from leading manufacturers is the main reason why the customers choose us.
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Prompribor company has been successfully operating in the energy saving market since 1992 and is one of the leading enterprises of the Russian Federation for the production of metering devices for water and thermal energy consumption.

    Measurement of volume flow rates and volumes of drinking, technical, heating water in water and heat supply systems, as well as other electrically conductive liquids in filled pressure pipelines.

    Measurement and registration of the parameters of the heat carrier and heat energy in water heating systems of various configurations.
  • advantages

    Development, installation and maintenance of accounting units. Highly qualified specialists. Warranty and post-warranty service, optimal and reliable solutions that allow you to reduce your costs.


Heat meters, heat meters, ultrasonic flow meters, flow converters, data collection and processing systems, metering units
  • Heat meters NPO PROMPRIBOR
    Heat meters
    TS.TMK-H, TSK, STD, Logic, etc.
  • Thermal calculators NPO PROMPRIBOR
    Thermal calculators
    TMK H20,H30,H100,H120,H130, etc.
  • Flow converters NPO PROMPRIBOR
    Flow converters
    UPU, MasterFlow, etc.
  • Service devices NPO PROMPRIBOR
    Service devices
    US-H2, etc.
  • Instrument panels NPO PROMPRIBOR
    Instrument panels
    for the accounting node
  • Thermal converters NPO PROMPRIBOR
    Thermal converters
    KTPTR, KTSPR, KTP, TPT, etc.
  • Measuring lines NPO PROMPRIBOR
    Measuring lines
    type ILP, ILO, ILV, etc.
  • Accounting nodes NPO PROMPRIBOR
    Accounting nodes
    UUHVS, UUTEM, etc.
  • Flow meters NPO PROMPRIBOR
    Flow meters
    CSR, RUS, etc.
  • Power sources NPO PROMPRIBOR
    Power sources
    BP-12-0.45, BP-24-0.22, etc.
  • Data processing systems NPO PROMPRIBOR
    Data processing systems
    AM-02, ALS, etc.
  • Bench equipment NPO PROMPRIBOR
    Bench equipment
    Cascade-2P, UFS-02, STREAM-PU , etc .
  • Measuring controllers NPO PROMPRIBOR
    Measuring controllers
    KI-2, etc.

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